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Baker McKenzie - Principal
Recognized for: Arbitration & ADR
What clients said: 
“He fully understands my needs and goals. He has the ability to 'read' and understand his client. His communication skills are excellent and it's very easy for me as a client to understand him and make decisions accordingly. In contentious matters, I would say he is the most professional lawyer I have ever met.”
“I am 100% confident having him on our side. He is key to our future growth and success, and the value for money is way beyond what I might expect.”
“Compared with other top advocates, he offers a lot extra. He is brilliant and committed to the client’s cause; his preparation and style remind me of some of the best British barristers I have seen in action.”
“Jonas Benedictsson is the kind of advocate that every person seeking justice should have as his or her representative.”
Jonas Benedictsson was recognized as a Client Choice winner in: