Avenida 9 de julho, 4939
13º andar, Torre Europa
Sao Paulo 01407-200 Brazil
T +55 11 3064 1314
F +55 11 3064 1314
Zanoide de Moraes
Recognized for: White Collar Crime
What clients said: 
“He combines a strong technical background with a view that is not restricted to the analysis of procedural issues under criminal law, but also assesses the impact of this type of action in the media, in order to preserve the public image of the company.”
“He gives us feedback constantly and solves problems while observing ethical issues.”
“Besides having an excellent legal background, he is a professor at the best law university in Brazil and is very good on communication and strategic issues.”
“He is professional, highly trained and qualified.”
Maurício Zanoide de Moraes was recognized as a Client Choice winner in: